Kilauea's Spectacular Show

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

KILAUEA, Hawaii (KHNL) - The 4th of July holiday may have come and gone, but perhaps the greatest fireworks show on earth shows no signs of slowing down.

For the past week, scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey have been monitoring new surface flows generated from the eruption of the underground lava tube system.

Geologist Jim Kauahikaua says a substantial new breakout opened up just before midnight.

"We had a different pulse overnight that further ruptured the tube and possibly blocked it so we don't have much lava coming down into the ocean entry. but we do have some pretty spectacular low fountains up higher in the rift zone".

On the 4th of july, lava flowed freely through the tube system, before entering the ocean in dramatic fashion.

"The whole summit has been full of lava for the last three years and all this is all part of the list of consequences of that I think" said Kauahikaua.

Scientists says when the tube system has ruptured in the past, the molten rock still makes it's way to the sea.

Something they expect to see in the coming days as new surface flows are created.

In the meantime, all Kauahikaua,  and anyone else can really do is sit back, and enjoy the spectacular show courtesy of mother nature.

"It's sort of hard to describe with so many things going on at once. this past year has not been one of boredom I can tell you that".