Brennan anxious to get back on track

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan

By Jason Tang - bio | email

LOS ANGELES, CA (KHNL) - He doesn't have to prove a thing to a University of Hawaii football fan.

But for former Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan, he says he's got plenty to prove at the next level.

Brennan's been marred by a sub par performance at the Sugar Bowl, and an injury that's kept him off the practice field.

But he's anxious to get back on track and show what he can do.

April 2008 was a busy month for Colt Brennan.

He attended UH's Pro Day on the 1st where he revealed he needed hip surgery.

Six days later the procedure was accomplished.

On April 27th, the Washington Redskins selected him in the sixth round of the draft.

Since then he's been rehabilitating and itching to get back on the field.

"The hip is good, right now I'd say I'm in the 95% area," said Brennan.

Colt couldn't participate fully in any organized team activity since his operation, something which frustrates him.

"Those guys are going out there and doing running workouts, and lifting workouts and I'm limited to only 30% of it, all upper body, for me that's the tough part just getting healthy and having to watch," said Brennan.

However, Brennan knows his career is not a sprint, and he's looking to have a long and healthy run with the Redskins.

"They showed that they want me to be a guy to develop and be successful for years to come," said Brennan.

Colt's confident once he's healthy, he can play the game at the highest of levels, and he can't wait to have his shot.

"For me it's just being healthy, learning the offense and then getting a chance to do it on Sunday," said Brennan.

And though he doesn't have the same fan base that he has here in the islands. After working at a couple camps and getting involved in the community. Colt's starting to bring them in.

"It was pretty cool cause all the kids started chanting my name, it was pretty awesome, it was my first camp and just to see that they were that big of fans, it was pretty cool," said Brennan.

Brennan flew to Denver after spending the weekend here, he's looking for his doctor's to clear him for the start of Redskin training camp on July 20th.