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Brennan fans can be unique bunch

Nani Wakabayashi Nani Wakabayashi
Sharon Pascua Sharon Pascua
Stephen Tom Stephen Tom
Phil Brewer Phil Brewer

By Stephen Florino - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Waking up early in the morning, standing in long lines, waiting in the hot sun. No obstacle is too great for fans of former warrior quarterback Colt Brennan.

Everyone says that Colt is an unique player -- someone who transcends sports. And that makes for some unique fans.

The line outside the Barefoot League store -- all die hard fans of one guy.

"To support Brian," said Nani Wakabayashi. "Colt Brian. Brennan. I got um right."

Brennan. the warriors former quarterback treats fans to his second autograph session of the weekend.

"I'm getting autographs and pictures of Colt Brennan," said Sharon Pascua, who did the same thing the day before at Pictures Plus.

Colt only signed special limited edition shirts and prints made by Barefoot League, just adding to the collection for these colt-maniacs.

"I got a lot of his souvenir shirts," said Stephen Tom. "Like for the Sugar Bowl and when they won the WAC."

But no souvenir is greater than what the Brewer family's done to immortalize their favorite warrior.

"Our grandson is named after Colt Brennan," said Phil Brewer. "His name is Brennan."

"A couple years back, our daughter wasn't into any sports -- football. but now she's a die hard fan, so it's really amazing."

Amazing that one guy could transform a school, their fans, and a state by just throwing a football.

"I think he's just humble, the way he carries himself," said Brewer. "He knows he has talent but he doesn't put himself above other people."

"Cause he's hot, hello," said Pascal.

"Just a great guy all in all," said Brewer. "It's not an act. It's fantastic."

Brennan is heading to Colorado, for a follow up with the doctor who performed his hip surgery. He says he feels 95-percent, and expects to be ready when the Redskins open mini camp in two weeks.

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