Colt Signs Autographs for hundreds of fans

John Maruta
John Maruta
George Sasaoka
George Sasaoka

By Stephen Florino - bio | email

Pear City (KHNL) - It's been more than six months since he last played in a Warriors uniform, but Colt Brennan is still beloved by Hawaii fans. Hundreds came out to see their hero again, for an autograph signing Saturday afternoon.

Colt is still recovering from hip surgery, and he's getting ready for mini-camp later this month. But he took time out to come back home, and meet with fans.

The line outside Pictures Plus is long. The wait -- even longer.

"Like 7:45, 8:00 this morning," said John Maruta, on what time he got in line.

"We've been here from 9 am," said George Sasaoka.

It's all for a 3 o'clock autograph signing by Brennan. The former Warriors quarterback, still a huge favorite among fans.

"He doesn't forget the people here, he's for the people, not for himself, and that's why we really like him a lot," said Sasaoka.

Just as scheduled, their hero arrives.

"When I had a chance to come back here and do this stuff i was excited for two reasons," said Brennan. "One, just to get back to Hawaii. Two, just to see the people again. It's awesome to see the people really excited about last year, and I'm just glad I get to do this stuff."

And he got to do a lot of it -- signing autographs. Fans brought it all -- photos, magazines, jerseys, helmets, with each signature costing at least 25 bucks.

"Lot of money," said Sasaoka.

"Just gotta work a hell of a lot of overtime," said Maruta.

"worth it," said Sasaoka. "Well worth it."

Fans get one more chance to meet Colt. Sunday, he'll be at Barefoot League store on Kapahulu Avenue next to Safeway.