Holiday travelers feeling pinch of higher air fares

Lori Ikenaga
Lori Ikenaga

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Holiday weekends usually mean more air travel. But with less airline competition and rising fuel costs, many travelers say they're feeling the pinch.

When we learned one traveler had to pay $278 to get from Oahu to Kauai and back, we headed to the airport to see how everyone else was faring.

It's like waiting for money to come out of an ATM, only the money is going the other way.

"It's really expensive," Summer Fergerstrom, Manoa resident, said.

The machine spits out boarding passes and receipts. For Summer Fergerstrom, they're harsh reminders of the $295 she coughed up for a single inter-island trip.

"It's definitely a huge increase from what it was before when Aloha was around," she said. "But I guess we just don't really have that much of a choice anymore, so I had to pay it."

For Lori Ikenaga's kids, visiting grandma and grandpa in Hilo is no longer child's play.

"It was actually pretty shocking because the prime times that we wanted to fly, we found out was $176 for one way," Ikenaga said.

With four passengers, including her husband, it can really add up. Determined, she located a fare of $190 dollars round trip.

"We had to kind of search a little bit more and try to be flexible with the dates and times that we flew," the Salt Lake resident said.

Barbara Belsito says the key is to start early.

"Absolutely, especially with the economy and I knew the price rule would go up," the New Jersey resident said. "So I did it as soon as I knew what I wanted to do, where I was going."

$230 got her two round-trip tickets to Maui, for her and her boyfriend, Joe.

"I'm really happy 'cause I thought our prices were high when I first started," Belsito said. "But I'm really thankful now. I feel that the prices were low."