Likelike graffiti wiped out

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KALIHI (KHNL)-- A makeshift memorial that caused some distraction is no more. A Department of Transportation crew patched up the graffiti soon after we reported the story.

18-year-old Christian Cambra died in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago. it's at the Like Like Highway/H-1 interchange.

Officials say taxpayers foot the bill for the graffiti. it comes out of the DOT's regular maintenance fund, which covers pot holes and other road repairs.

One person who drives through this area every day feels the DOT did the right thing, but he says some sort of memorial should remain.

"I would call it a reminder, a reminder for everyone out there to drive safely, to watch out for, watch out for sharp turns, around that area, slow down, you know," Kalihi resident, Maurel Rivera said.

DOT officials weren't able to tell us immediately how much it cost to clean up the illegal memorial and other graffiti in that area.