Robot mania at the Capitol

John Lei
John Lei
Avery Clewley
Avery Clewley

By Walter Makaula - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Students from all over oahu gathered at the state capitol today to show off their mechanical creations, and the race to be the best is on!

While the scientists of the future watch in awe, their high school counterparts take the helm of master control.

Six high school teams show off their robots and compete at being faster, stronger, and smarter than the rest.

Kauluwela Elementary School Third Grader Avery Clewley stood nearby and said, "When i'm in high school, I'd actually like to be in the science fair."

But his classmate John Lei has more immediate plans.

"I want to know how to make robots," He said. "I might build a time machine... so that I might go back in time."

The team to beat is from Mckinley High School. It's already qualified for the national championships in Atlanta, Georgia. But they're keeping tight lipped about their winning strategy.

Team Punahou on the other hand is happy to share its secret for success.

"If you look at the other robots, they have to climb up and rise above the overpass to shoot the ball over, but ours, we can just launch it from below, said Punahou's captain Rentaro Matsukata. "That makes our run much faster so we can rack up more points in a short amount of time," he added.

Kids weren't the only ones ejoying the race.

Parents like Paul Jones stopped by with both his little boys.

He said he's happy to see his kids get opportunities for learning that excite them.

"To see their eyes light up and get excited about all of this is indescribable," He said. I really think, it's just awesome!