Stop Rail Now has a new opponent Go Rail Go

HONOLULU (KHNL) - In response to Stop Rail Now a new group has formed they are Go Rail Go, and their agenda is to clear up the facts on the rail project.

"Contrary to what people see and hear, there is a strong, widespread movement for Honolulu's rail transit project," said Maeda Timson, President and spokesperson for the group.

The pro rail group believes that people are being mislead and deceived by false information solicited by Stop Rail Now. They say that the anti rail campaign is omitting to disclose key facts about Stop Rail Now's proposed Hot lanes and toll roads, not only to the petition signers but also to those gathering signatures.

"When I heard later that their solution was to build toll roads or "Lexus lanes" as they are called on the Mainland, and that only the rich could afford to drive on them, I realized I made a mistake," said one Stop Rail Now petition signer, known as Aunty Jennie.

"Here we are in 2008, gas prices are sky high, traffic is out of control and our last best chance for a better transportation system is this rail project," she said. "I am here today as a part of the silent majority to stand up and say, we support rail transit."

Aunty Jennie will be signing her letter at the press conference and sending it to the city clerk to make sure that her name is removed from the signature list. She also wants to emphasize to others that were pressured to sign or didn't know all the facts to contact Go Rail Go so that they can learn how to get their names removed.

Members of Go Rail Go will be gathering for a meeting at 2pm, Wednesday, July 2, at the Federal Building in Honolulu.