Governor considers four-day work week

Pam Carvalho
Pam Carvalho
Kaui Alapa
Kaui Alapa

By Stephen Florino - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Monday through Friday is the normal work week for most offices, but a new trend is catching on, shortening it to Monday through Thursday.

"I think it's a great idea," said Gov. Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii).  "We've been looking at it for weeks now. We obviously need to talk with union representatives of our employees, but I do think it's something we should look at."

Utah is the first state to shift most of its state government offices to a four day work week. With lights, computers, and air conditioners working 20-percent less, the state would be more energy efficient.

That wouldn't be the only advantage.

"I think four day work week is great," said Pam Carvalho, a Kapahulu resident.  "I think with the traffic situation, if you have people working four day weeks instead of five day weeks, it's gotta alleviate the traffic."

"The advantage would be the decrease in energy consumption, which is a big issue today," said Kaui Alapa, a state employee.  "The congestion of our traffic. We would save the employees a lot of money if they didn't have to drive in five days, versus four days, but the bottom line for us is, can we maintain the level of service that we provide to the taxpayers and that's what we're looking at now."

To do that in Utah, offices will be open from 7 a-m to 6 p-m, and a lot of services are available online, giving state workers an extra day to do whatever they want.

"I think I'd just be lazy. I'd just stay home and conserve gas," said Alapa.