Freeway memorial site causes concern

Duane Enck
Duane Enck

By Walter Makaula - bio | email

KALIHI (KHNL)-- A makeshift memorial on the Likelike Highway and H-1 freeway interchange is causing concern Tuesday night.

The memorial site has steadily grown over the past two weeks, and officials are worried it has become too distracting for drivers, and is now the site of illegal activity.

Over the past two weeks, mourners have left cards, flowers, balloons, and hundreds of written messages, and it's those writings that's causing the most concern.

The location is where eighteen year old Christian Cambra lost his life in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago and the scene has attracted many well wishers.

Duane Enck lives next door to where the accident took place.

"There's a whole lot of people, mostly young kids walking up there, and it's been going on ever since the accident," he said.

But there's barely any room for anyone to walk by, and according to neighbors, people are hanging out there at all hours of the night.

"All sorts of hours, sometimes, two in the morning," Enck said.

His neighbor chimed in. "I thought it was kind of dangerous from the oncoming traffic because cars come speeding down," said John Yoon. "It's a freeway right there, and that's what I was kind of concerned about."

Both men say, they don't mind because people are mourning the death of a friend. But a closer look reveals, that's not all they're doing.

The entire railing, the street light post, and even the striping on the road have messages written in permanent ink.

The department of transportation says, someone has to pay for it.

"The fines for graffiti here in Honolulu is anywhere from two hundred fifty dollars up to one thousand dollars, or the cost to repair or cover up the graffiti," said Brennan Morioka, State Transportation Director.

"We need to take care of their safety first," he added. "If they are looking to grieve, we hope that they would be able to grieve in a much safer location, maybe nearby, but we want to make sure they are safe as well as our drivers."

The Department of Transportation says it plans to investigate.