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June 30, 2008

Old Socks

I tossed out a bunch of old, work socks this week. Some had holes, some were frayed, and basically, it was time for a change. No one really sees your socks when they're buried in your shoes, but you know when they need to go.

I wonder sometimes if we spend too much time burying old socks in our shoes when change is in order right here in our state. Sometimes you gotta actually throw the socks out, which forces you to get new socks, or go sock-less. Of course, you can darn the socks or flip the toe under to fill the puka, but that simply delays the inevitable. It's time for some changes. Hopefully, you catch my drift. Sometimes, we preserve things locally which simply need to change- political institutions, constitutions, school systems, archaic stereotypes about people's ethnicity, even our expectations of how long it should take to get to work or school each day.

The question becomes, are we bold enough to change our habits, to look for something new and different which might be better in the long haul for us as individuals and/or as a community on these islands? The problem with holey-socks is that you might eventually get blisters, and that really hurts, and they also smell after a while. Does that sound like some things around you or around this state that need to be changed, and not just stuffed back into our shoes? Think about it...

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