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Filipino community fundraises for typhoon relief

Fani Tedios Fani Tedios
Jun Colmenares Jun Colmenares
Jun Abinsay Jun Abinsay
Marylo Farinas Marylo Farinas

By Roger Mari - bio | email

WAIPAHU (KHNL) It's been a week since a typhoon devastes parts of the Philippines, leaving nearly a hundred dead, and more than 700 still missing. Relief efforts have come from all over the world, including Hawaii.

Organizations including the filipino community center in Waipahu teamed up with KNDI for a radiothon.

"We heard it on the radio so we rushed over here," said Donator Fani Tedios.

As soon as the broadcast began airing, concerned residents came out to make donations, opening up their hearts and their checkbooks. Radio proved to be an effective way of reaching out to the community.

"We've had more than a hundred people coming over since this morning to make donations," said Jun Colmenares of the Congress of Visayan Organization.

It came as no surprise to organizers of todays fundraiser, the outpouring of support received by the people of Hawaii.

"This is when the people really don't hesitate to pitch in and be part of the solution and contribute in whatever form," said Jun Abinsay of Hawaii International Relief Organization.

The typhoon battered the islands in the Central Philippines, triggering landslides and flash floods. With Hawaii entering the hurricane season, some feel that it's human nature to help out when things go wrong with mother nature.

"Who knows, one day we may need help from other people too," Donator Marylo Farinas.

One small island in the middle of the pacific doing what they can to help another island thousands of miles away.

The fundraiser brought in more than 12-thousand dollars. And the Filipino Community Center will continue to accept donations until July 15th.

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