One of America's best dance crews performs in Hawaii

Stephanie Aquino
Stephanie Aquino
Mike Song
Mike Song
Yuri Tag
Yuri Tag

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A nationally recognized hip hop dance group is in town.

If the name "Kaba Modern" sounds familiar, that's because they were one of the top three dance groups on MTV's reality show "America's Best Dance Crew".

They're here in Hawaii to pass on their skills to everyone who wants to learn.

On this day, we found them along with some very excited young dance students hanging out at the Honolulu Dance Studio on Pohukaina Street.

"They're our idols," said Stephanie Aquino.

"Kaba Modern should have won the dance competition but they taught us to never give up and to keep on dancing," said Piikea Finnegan.

The dance students welcomed the California dance crew with what else? A funky dance performance.

The six member group is here in the islands after a whirlwind tour and their successful stint on MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew".

Their version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" pushed them to the finals. They came in third and since then, life hasn't been the same.

"Top three on MTV, we did not expect that at all," said Kaba Modern's Yuri Tag. "We didn't think we would get that far and are really grateful we did."

Kaba Modern is known for their "precision" moves or what they call "musicality".

"Musicality is our style," explained dancer Mike Song. "You can see how our bodies react to the music and see the chemistry on the stage and our movements to the beat. That is what defines Kaba Modern."

The group has been dancing for years but they say anyone, even those with two left feet, can learn to bust a move!

"Whatever makes you move. Don't change your style. Just do it," said the group's Cindy Minowa and Jia Huang.

Kaba Modern says Hawaii has a lot of talent and they're eager to pass on their jaw-dropping moves to everyone.

They are holding dance workshops this Saturday at the University of Hawaii Athletic Complex Studio at noon, two o'clock and four in the afternoon.

On Sunday, they are performing in two shows at the Ronald E. Bright Theater at Castle High School.

Tickets are still available for the first show. You can get them at any local dance studio.

Former Rainbow Dancer and Hawaii native, Cara Horibe is cometpeting in the MTV show's second season in the group called "Fanny Packs".