Mililani residents describe crash victim as caring son

Alan Small
Alan Small

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

MILILANI (KHNL) - A man killed in Wednesday's two-car crash near the merge of the H-1 and H-2 Freeways on Oahu has been positively identified. He was a Mililani resident, and neighbors say they're stunned by his sudden death.

In a peaceful Mililani neighborhood, one man stood out for the way he took care of his elderly mother.

"Anything I remember that his mother wanted changed on the house outside, in any way, he'd always make sure that would take place," said Alan Small, a neighbor.

Alan Small's long-time neighbor, 54-year-old Charles Hiromasa, was killed in a crash on the H-1 Freeway Wednesday.

Investigators say an SUV cut into Hiromasa's lane, clipping the front of his car. That caused his car to veer off the road, hit a light pole, flip, and land on its roof. Hiromasa was pinned inside, and died at the scene.

"That's surprising," Small said. "And I wanted to, I guess later in the day I just wanted to go over and find out if there's anything that (his mother) might need."

Others who live in the area also expressed concern for the victim's mother.

"I thought he was really a good son," Small said. "It was a joke that he had made, like, you gotta make sure you take care of your family. That's the term I remember."

Hiromasa is the 24th person to die on Oahu's roads this year. There have been seven traffic fatalities this month alone.

"It's become something that really has to be resolved," Small said.

The Medical Examiner says the victim died from multiple blunt-force injuries.