Studies show high gas prices increase stress

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Soaring gas prices aren't just affecting your family's budget anymore, it's now raising concerns for your health.

Keeping a steady flow of fuel in your tank is becoming a big source of stress.

The stress of paying the painful gas prices isn't just stopping at the pump.

From our wallets to now our minds, it's affecting everything.

Those excruciating clicks.

Like ticks to a time bomb, they setting tempers off.

"It sucks and it's going higher," said one driver.

"It's worrying a lot of people here," said another driver.

A Florida State University study shows nearly 40% of of people say gas prices has decreased their standard of living.

Dr. Dennis Lind says he isn't surprised. With worries like how to keep your gas tank full and still feed your family, money becomes the only thing on the mind.

"It'll cause increase stress the way people perceive things and the feeling of life is over as we know it," said Dr. Lind, a psychiatrist.

The study shows that nearly 30% of people say they've considered going with out the basics like food because of gas prices. That's why restaurants like Jack in the Box are having specials to help calm tank tempers, offering to trade your gas receipt for a taco.

"If they perceive the quality of life will go down the next step is they're going to stop doing the things they ordinarily do and they begin this downward spiral," said Dr. Lind.

"Everything, the whole works, you know work, home, food," said a driver.

By shutting out stress, experts say you avoid its ripple effect into your home, job and personal life. You don't have to be upbeat about the prices, just don't bog yourself down.

Gas prices may be a never ending guzzle on your wallet, but it's up to you to cyphon the stress from your worries.

Studies show gas prices also affect your abilities at work.

People concerned with filling up were less attentive, some said they'd consider quitting just to find a job closer to home.