Summer At Home

It might not seem like a great alternative, but going to Maui, going to a movie, or going camping might be the most reasonable alternative this summer for local families instead of that long-awaited trip to Disneyland or the Mirage in Las Vegas. Travel costs and the inherent inconveniences only add to the humbug nature of getting here or there, and with an uncertain economic outlook- though some would say that the "uncertain" concept is actually sounding optimistic these days- making innovative plans locally and saving some money might be the right call for the summer of 2008; and you really can have fun.

For those who might wanna chance 'em, maybe this is the summer to learn and then spend five-hours traipsing a local golf course with your spouse, parents, kids, and everyone in between. If not, miniature golf might be the trick for you this weekend. For those who've never been fishing or out on a boat, it might just do the trick to help reinvigorate you and open up your pores and your mind. Hike a bit, go somewhere you haven't been in years, like Hawi, or Haleiwa, or Haiku Gardens, and see what there is right here at home.

Of course, you can just sit around and mope, lamenting the reality that is your very humble existence during these tougher times. But it really doesn't take much creativity, money or wherewithal to have a good time and do something new or different right here at home. Enjoy the summer, and think about it...