Aina Haina McDonald's gets life saving device

Edwin Kondo
Edwin Kondo
Kalei Stephens
Kalei Stephens

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

AINA HAIANA (KHNL) - The first Mcdonald's in Hawaii is now the proud owner of a portable life saving device.

"I went to drink coffee and when I sat down, I didn't feel like drinking coffee. At that moment I passed away, I just passed," Edwin Kondo said.

Edwin's heart stopped last October at the McDonald's in Aina Haina.

Thanks to the quick reaction of strangers, he lives to tell the story of what gave him a second chance at life.

Firefighters were the first on the scene that day and pushed the button on the automated external defibrillator or AED, that saved Edwin's life.

"When the AED was ready, we used the AED which provided one shock to our patient," Firefighter Kalei Stephens said.

Turns out Kalei wasn't a stranger to Edwin at all.

"Mr. Kondo, our patient was a husband of my AGT teacher in elementary school back at Punchbowl," Stephens said. "She gave me my education pretty much or part of it and I was able to give back to her."

Today the manufacturer of the AED, donates the life saving device for public access in the restaurant.

They also offer a free CPR class, where Edwin's daughter now learns the technique that saved her dad.

"The faster that we can get ahold of an AED on a patient it greatly increases their chances of survival," Stephens said.

After the scare, Edwin continues his routine of daily walks and coffee with his friends at the same McDonald's.

"It's good to be back, I enjoy all my friends over here, all the old folks over here," he said.

The American Heart Association estimates that 95% of cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital.

If a defibrillation device is nearby, the survival rate increases to 45%.