Rising costs of food leave some looking for other options

Gary Hanagami
Gary Hanagami

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

PEARL CITY (KHNL) - Floodwaters that swallowed crops in the Midwest might be taking a toll on your pocketbook.

Meat, eggs and cheese are all food staples and are all getting more and more pricey. A regular trip to the grocery store leaves some residents with "sticker shock".

"Especially if they are imported from the mainland. You are seeing a lot of that and actually even locally supplied produce are affected," said Gary Hanagami from Borden Milk.

Here in the islands milk is almost $8 dollars a gallon. Some people are looking into other options.

One of them is a new product popping up on store shelves. It is the first ever "shelf stable" milk offered here in Hawaii. It can last up to one year in your pantry and is perfect for a hurricane supply kit.

"It doesn't really require refrigerated shipping which is one of the most expensive cost components of products from the mainland to Hawaii," said Hagami.

From soy milk to rice milk to coconut milk, this new kind of milk is something we are actually familiar with cows milk. It is the same as the refrigerated kind of milk but packaged with new technology that gives this milk a longer shelf life.

The milk that we have here in the islands has been pasteurized twice. It is pasteurized once on the mainland to give it a shelf life to get here and another to give it a shelf life to get to consumers. This process is said to change the flavor a little bit.

As the costs for corn and animal feed continues to rise along with the sky rocketing fuel prices, corporations are passing those costs to the consumers.

So if you want cereal with your milk, it is going to cost you over $7 dollars a box.