Railing On Rail

So the "stop rapid transit" people are pushing for a vote in the election come November. I don't recall if the "stop H-3" coalition or the "keep Kalanianaole narrow" proponents thought about the bigger picture for neighbors in those areas, but those projects went ahead, even though hundreds of thousands of Oahu residents' lives were not impacted by these specific traffic efforts. Lots of people send their kids to private school knowing, of course, that part of the taxes they pay go to public schools which they are not involved in. So it is in the world of civics- all for one and one for all, even if it doesn't help me.

If the argument against a rail system is that it simply won't help solve some of the leeward traffic woes, well, maybe the ever-increasing price of gasoline will make that point moot as time goes on and gasoline prices slowly rise toward $5 per gallon. And if the thought is that we should double-deck the highway or put in a toll road, those might be plausible solutions on top of offering some form of mass transit sooner rather than later.

But please, do not suggest that we do nothing, that we sit around and wait, that we take two more years to do assessments and planning and hypothetical numbers calculations. Do not pretend that no one saw this coming, that experts and planners and politicians haven't pored over the data. Do not ignore the report sent out last week that said Honolulu has the worst rush-hour traffic in the nation. These are not the type of rankings in which we need to be #1. Solutions, which always have some risk, are a must. Today. Think about it...