Army needs public's help to solve stolen computer case

John Monize
John Monize

By Leland Kim - bio | email

WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD (KHNL) - More than a hundred thousand dollars worth of computer equipment have been stolen from a U.S. Army warehouse, twice in one month. Investigators are looking into leads, but now, they're expanding their scope.

We're talking about brand new laptops and computer monitors still in their original boxes. The Army's Criminal Investigation Command is following up on every possible clue, and now they need your help.

This warehouse at Wheeler Army Airfield sits off of a quiet road. In October of last year, thieves took advantage of the solitude, stealing Dell laptops and monitors similar to these. They made off with about $118,000 worth of goods.

"Higgins Road itself is off post proper, outside of checkpoints if you will, such as Wheeler and Schofield Barracks," said Special Agent John Monize, with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. "And as such, the public can access this road without hindrance or checkpoints."

And it loops around to a dirt road, secluded and away from view.

Army officials say thieves cut through the fence on the back side of the warehouse, then walked over, and peeled out this section to get to the computer equipment.

Once inside, they took about 83 separate boxes. Since the burglary, the Army has taken proactive steps at this warehouse and other locations.

"Several security measures have been put in place in furtherance of the protection of the resources in a specific area," said Monize.

They hope viewers can help solve the case.

"We're hoping that anyone who may be a friend or family member or even the accomplice of the subjects who have yet to be identified in this particular case come forward," said Monize.

Come forward to bring some thieves to justice.

So, once again, if you know anything about this case, you are encouraged to call the Army Criminal Investigation Command. You can remain anonymous if you feel uncomfortable coming forward.

The reward is $10,000 and the phone number is 655-0401.