Zipperlane ridership changes from two to three people

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Entering the Zipperlane will soon require drivers to fill up their cars not with gas but with more passengers.

A change in the ridership requirement from two people to three will take effect during the morning commute on July 8.

The three-person ridership requirement is a move by the State Department of Transportation to help promote more carpooling.

"As more people choose to carpool, it is important to provide them with the incentives to continue to do so," said state transportation director Brennon Morioka. According to Morioka Hawaii already has one of the highest rates of carpooling in the country.

The Zipperlane, runs along the H-1 freeway from Waikele all the way to the Nimitz Highway where it continues on weekdays between 5:30am to 8:30am from Kalihi to downtown Honolulu.

The lane was created for multi-rider vehicles such as carpools, vanpools and buses in an effort to help lower traffic congestion.

"By increasing the minimum ridership requirement, we can move more people in fewer cars and in less time," said Morioka

Motorcyclists can continue on the Zipperlane without restriction.