Youth soccer tournament ends

Danielle Foxhoven
Danielle Foxhoven
Windsor Yellen
Windsor Yellen
Richard Steiner
Richard Steiner

By Stephen Florino - bio | email

WAIPIO (KHNL) - The US youth soccer west regional at the Waipio Soccer Complex wrapped up Sunday. Even though there is only one winner for the 12 divisions, everyone feels like they came out on top.

It's time to celebrate for the ladies of the Colorado Rush, under-18 division. They won their regional.

"It feels amazing," said Danielle Foxhoven. "We've been working for this since we were 11-years old, so feeling great right now, on top of the world.

And it couldn't come in a better place.

"The weather is beautiful, it is absolutely gorgeous," said Foxhoven.

It's a sentiment shared by many of the estimated five-thousand people here.

"The tournament's very exciting," said Richard Steiner, from Denver, Colorado. The competition is very top notch, and playing here in the islands is very nice. Great place to come."

"It's a beautiful place," said Windsor Yellen, from Colorado Springs. "We're from the exact opposite extreme, the high desert. The place is lovely. the competition is good."

What's even better -- all the business these visitors create. Organizers estimate this tournament will pump between $12 and 14 million into our economy.

And now that the games are done, it's time to really have fun.

"I think some of the people are going to Kauai and some of the other islands, enjoying it," said Yellen.

"I'm staying til Monday. but I think we have girls staying for like a month," said Foxhoven.

"Pretty darn nice place to be right now, well worth it," said Steiner.

"We started out on a good note, and now we're just partying out the rest of the time," said Foxhoven.

All regional winners head to Arkansas for the national championships next month.

Unfortunately, no Hawaii teams made it.