City looks into eroding seawall at Kailua Beach

Kanani Mokia-Lee
Kanani Mokia-Lee
Fred Barnett
Fred Barnett

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

KAILUA BEACH (KHNL) - Thursday, we told you about beach goers in Kailua expressing concerns about a dangerous seawall and now the City tells KHNL News 8 they will look into a solution.

This is what remains of a surge breaker installed at Kailua Beach in the 1970's.

People who live here have been watching the relentless erosion and say the combination of rusted metal and cement is dangerous.

But now, they may see a wave of change because the City is taking responsibility.

"My kids play in the blocks that are on the ground, there are cement blocks all in the water, there's no space for them to play, I would like to see them get rid of it," said Kailua resident Kanani Mokia-Lee.

"I hope they do something quickly I think it'll be much more cost effective to do it quickly and do it right," said Kailua resident Fred Barnett.

The City tells us they will look at the existing condition of the concrete blocks and find the best long term solution that is within reason financially.

"My reaction is I'm glad they are finally responding and taking a little responsibility."

"It's going to cost a lot less than piling dirt on there every few months in the long run and it's going to cost a lot less than a lawsuit if someone breaks their foot over here."

"There's a lot they can do with not as much money as they say they need to spend."

"If they have the money and the time to bring a bulldozer out here to bring more sand around and put blocks out, then they have the money and time to do something that's more extensive to this beach."

Barnett says even this stretch of beach deserves the care and respect all beaches in the State receive.