Oahu surfboards go green

SUNSET BEACH (KHNL) - Master shapers, Jeff Bushman and Kyle Bernhardt are launching a new green label, Country Feeling Surfboards. Together they have created a line of surfboards made with enviromentally friendly materials. Using soy and sugar based foams, plant based and solar activated resins as well as hemp, silk and bamboo they are putting these boards onto the wave of the future.

"I don't think a lot of surfers ever really thought about what was in their surfboards," said Bushman."The toxicity of the industry that comes from the surfboard industry is minor compared to the auto industry and other manufacturing, but we're the ones playing in the ocean, and it just seems like the right thing to pursue."

Bernhardt added, "We want to be inclusive, not exclusive."

His plan is to encourage other shapers to lessen their carbon footprint. "It's not like suddenly surfboards are going to be the greenest product out there, " he said. "We"re more trying to make a statement that it's possible to use other materials. We can use natural fibers. We can reduce what we put out at no consequence to the end product."

Country Feeling surfboards come in an array of classic shapes and styles, from fishes, single fins, twin fins, funboards, longboards and stand up paddleboards showing the soul of surfing into the blue can also go green.