Soccer a new tool for Scouting

Ramon Rendon
Ramon Rendon
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson
Reggie Lopez
Reggie Lopez

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- On their honor they promise to do their best. But for Boy Scout Troop 5885 out of Oregon, they're applying the Scout promise on the soccer field.

They're here in Honolulu this week participating in the far west regional tournament, but soccer is secondary to their main goal.

"This program is trying to help the kids get involved with Scouting for their good values," said Ramon Rendon, head coach of the Eagles under 12 boys soccer team.

The Eagles were formed to attract more Latino kids into the Scouting program, although they welcome whoever wants to participate.

"We've been learning what trustworthy and loyal and friendship really means, and in soccer we've learned ball work and how to pass more and to communicate," said Eagles' player Kenny Johnson.

Those values have given the Eagles success. In only the second year of their program, they earned a trip to the regional tournament.

"It's a big impact for us, most of the kids are low income families you know. Boy Scout supports with the soccer fields, utilities and scholarships," said Rendon.

The challenge to qualify was just as difficult as the challenge to raise funds for the trip. But the boys and their families stepped up with a variety of fundraisers.

"Well we had to sell food and work really hard, our parents and everything," said Eagles player Reggie Lopez.

Unfortunately the boys were eliminated after the prelims, but they're still proud of their accomplishments.

"It's disappointing but at least we made it this far," said Johnson.

And in this case, losing also has it's perks.

"Oh we're going to go to the beach, go to the beach and go surf," exclaimed Lopez.