Hawaii businesses offer discounts to attract more tourists

Devin Garcia
Devin Garcia
Michael Lederer
Michael Lederer
Tom Wakita
Tom Wakita

By Cindy Cha - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Summer time is usually travel time for many people, but with our sinking economy and sky rocketing air fares, Hawaii is facing a serious decline in tourism.

But some Hawaii businesses are finding ways to attract more visitors to the islands.

A vacation in Hawaii is not cheap. Some visitors say the airfare alone can break the bank.

"I paid about $700 for here, that's alot," said Devin Garcia, an Arizona resident.

And once they get here, some are shocked at Hawaii's prices.

"Hawaii is a lot more expensive than California, it's like $6 for a foot long, " said Michael lederer, a California resident."

Combine the high cost with the high airfares and it could scare anyone away from visiting our islands.

To attract more tourists, some businesses in Hawaii are offering discounts and promotions.

"We anticipated this downfall in the market so we've added free nights, free breakfast and everyone in Waikiki is adding extra value," said Tom Wakita with the Ohana Hotel.

On the Hawaii tourism's Web site, you'll find a number of promotions, including 50% off companion airfare and $200 off vacation packages.

Visitors say once they get passed that hefty airline ticket, the savings they receive are worth it.

"We've found a lot of things that we can do for free so it works out," said Kristi Barrus, a Texas resident.

"Shopping is excellent, lots of good bargains," said Joan Earhart, a Missouri resident.

Bargains that could compensate for their expensive vacation.

The Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau implemented a $3 million campaign earlier this month to stimulate travel to the islands this summer.