Concrete jungle on Kailua Beach

Fred Barnett
Fred Barnett

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL) -It's a concrete jungle on one Oahu beach and no one seems to want to clean it up. KHNL News 8 investigates who's responsible for the potential hazard in this Talk Story.

Fred Barnett visits Kailua Beach park everyday. For years he's been watching what once was a seawall erode.

"Kids are playing on it all day long and there's no danger signs up. There's lots of sharp rebars sticking up and that's probably the most dangerous part," said Barnett.

Those who live in the area say they've been looking at the tangled mess of rebar and concrete bricks for years and they claim no one wants to take responsibility.

"We called the state and they said it was the city's jurisdiction, the city says it was the states jurisdiction," Barnett said.

When kids come out to the beach to play first they have to get through a maze of concrete and rusted metal but once they get out into the water there's still pieces of concrete underfoot.

"There's bricks. Every five or ten feet you'll step on one," one swimmer said.

It could cost more in the long run if there's an accident and lawsuit.

"I just hope that they scoop them up and get them out of here. I'd really like to see a tractor come down here and take care of the whole mess, probably take them a few hours," Barnett siad. "I think they should give it the proper respect, just like all the beaches on Oahu, they really shouldn't let them go like this."

We made calls to the State and City and both told us they are looking into the matter.

The Kailua Beach boat ramp is the only ramp open for public use in Kailua.