H-1 at Middle Street considered most congested freeway section in US

H1 and Middle Street merge, Americas most congested freeway section
H1 and Middle Street merge, Americas most congested freeway section
Tim Miller
Tim Miller
Brennan Morioka
Brennan Morioka
Camille Metteauer
Camille Metteauer

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Honolulu drivers are familiar with the traffic jams and frustrations that fuel our crowded roads.

Now, one spot in particular has been named the worst congested portion of any freeway across the entire country: the H-1 Freeway and Middle Street.

It's a problem we are all aware of...traffic.

"It always bottlenecks and you can never tell what time it's going to bottleneck," said Honolulu resident Tim Miller. "And if any little thing happens, a little accident or something, forget it."

Traffic congestion throughout Honolulu is bad and now, the entire country will know it too.

A new report was released today by INRIX, the company which collects nationwide traffic data

from GPS devices on commercial vehicles throughout the country.

"Honolulu is actually at the top of the list. In fact between 5 and 6pm on Thursdays, is the worst congested of any freeway or any segment of road in the entire United States," said Bryan Mistele, president of INRIX.

The state department of transportation says although it's bad, it was worse.

"We're doing everything that we can to try and address this issue and we're also taking a look at a more holistic approach. Its not just about building more roads, it's about looking at alternatives," said State Transportation Director Brennan Morioka.

People who live here don't think solving the problem will be that simple.

"I don't think they can clear that particular bottle neck up. It's always going to be a bottleneck because there's a million people that want to go through that little area. It doesn't matter what they do," said John Miller of Kaneohe.

The report goes on to list the city's worst bottle neck areas.

12 of them are on the H-1 Freeway between Kalihi Street and University Avenue.

It's a stretch of roadway residents say, will only get worse.

"There's too many people and it's just ridiculous. Sometimes its just easier to walk somewhere," said Camille Metteauer of Honolulu.

The data used was compiled during 2007.

In 2006, the worst congested metropolitan area was Los Angeles.