Somber Samaritan Situations

What would you do if someone needed help? I mean serious help. Recently, we have seen tragic results after good Samaritans stepped in to diffuse dangerous situations. And now we have people getting beaten for trying to stop wayward youths from smashing cars and vandalizing neighborhoods.

It's almost impossible to say what you would do should the situation and circumstances arise for you to possibly take action. Yes, calling 911 is an absolute, but sometimes logic would dictate that there simply isn't time to wait for emergency response when someone's life might be in jeopardy. More than just stories, these recent examples of people stepping in might cause you to ask the question- what would I have done? And if the answer is nothing, or mind my own business, how would you have dealt with the consequences if something tragic played out right in front of you?

There are no definitive answers to this moral and ethical dilemma. If you try to be a hero, you could pay for it with your own life. If you do nothing, you have to live with what happens on your watch. And when the moment comes, you won't have time to rationalize. Blink, pause, freeze, and the moment just might be gone. What would you do? Sure, hopefully you'll never have to find out. In the meantime, think about it...