Tesoro, NFWF team up to create multi-faceted coral reef program

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Tesoro Corporation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation teamed up to develop a multi-faceted coral reef conservation program.

The $230,000 program will support diverse coral reef conservation projects and community stewardship programs on the islands.

According to Al Anderson, Tesoro Hawaii's refinery manager, coral reefs are often taken for granted.

"The coral reefs are an integral part of the Hawaii's culture and environment, providing food, recreation and support for Hawaii's visitor industry," said Anderson. "At at time when funding for environmental projects may fall by the wayside, we're glad to be doing our part to make programs like these a priority."

The program will address environmental issues through a variety of different projects, including an integrated coral reef curriculum that will provide the first marine-focused materials in Hawaii schools since 1980's, a community education campaign that highlights the importance of coral reefs to Hawaii's future and a Makai Watch program that provides education and monitoring of local resources through a network of volunteers.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has donated more than $15 million in funding toward over 165 coral reef conservation projects in 35 countries.