Singing sensation wows Hawaii fans

Jordan Pruitt
Jordan Pruitt

HALAWA (KHNL) - Fans got a treat Saturday night as one of the hottest young pop singers paid a visit to Hawaii.

Jordan Pruitt wowed thousands of fans in a couple of performances this weekend at the Aloha Stadium.

This young and up-and-coming teen artist has broken through from her Tennessee roots and is now performing on the big stage with some of the hottest young talent around.

"It's really cool to actually work with them and get to know them as people cause you see them on TV and you're like 'oh my gosh' and then you get to meet them and you're like 'you are just the sweetest person ever'," said Pruitt.

Pruitt is just 17-years old, but her fans say she's already a role model.

"I see her as a role model because I think what she has I think compared to a lot of stars is that genuineness about her, there's that authenticity of her, you know she's real, you know she's like you," said fan Danicole Ramos.

"Because she's awesome and she's amazing," said fans Joana Batul and Jenny Pineda.

"When she sings, she feels very outgoing, she's not afraid. She makes you feel welcome," said fan Deana Ramos.

But being a role model is tough. And with so many negative influences in the entertainment industry, Pruitt says her family has kept her grounded.

"They also come on tour with me which is awesome and my parents have raised me right and  they raised me with really good values and morals," said Pruitt.  "I think kids need a really good role model that they can look up to and feel positive when they listen to their music so I'm willing to be a really good role model for them."

And it's music that keeps this shining star focused on her new album set to debut.

"I really put a lot of my heart and my soul into this album. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do but it's the most accomplishing feeling that I've ever gotten."

Performing in Hawaii, Pruitt says she's also taken a well-deserved break by soaking in some local flair over the past few days.

"We went to the North Shore which is like a big spot that everyone knows about and we went snorkeling and I saw a 10 foot turtle with my goggles and I was like 'oh my gosh. I love it here.' I could live here, I think."

Her first single was released Friday which debuted on radio Disney.

Pruitt says she will continue touring around the country throughout the summer