Waikiki Nei production officially becomes Level 4

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - The new entertainment venue that will be home to the Waikiki nei theatrical production has officially become known as Level 4.

Level 4 is an all-inclusive entertainment destination that will transform from a 750-seat theate after showings of the Waikiki nei production, into an upscale nightclub and ultra lounge.

Todd Dougall, partner of Royal Hawaiian Showroom, LLC says the name gives the venue its own exclusive presence apart from the theatrical production.

"Level 4 stands out as a name and is perfect for its subtle reference to the venue's four-in-one entertainment package, the show, the theatre, the nightclub and the ultra lounge," said Dougall.

Level 4 also refers to the the location on the fourth floor of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

Level 4 will be completed in July 2008.