Police issue citations in Mokuleia Park eviction

Marie Beltran
Marie Beltran

MOKULEIA (KHNL) - It was a tense night on Oahu's North Shore, as those who call Mokuleia Beach Park home are told to move out.

The families living at the beach said they won't budge if the city tried to kick them out. On Monday evening, Honolulu Police made sure they left.

Police report no altercations, but did issue two citations. One was given to Marie Beltran, the woman who has long said she'll stand her ground and fight on behalf of all the families living at Mokuleia Beach Park.

Beltran's family has called the park home for more than a decade. On Monday night, their peaceful lifestyle ended as the clock struck seven.

As City Parks and Rec staff informed homeless families to leave, some resisted, while others grudgingly obeyed.

20 minutes after the park closed, enforcement arrived. Honolulu police officers warned those who refused to budge, that they'll issue citations.

"This is our home land. This is our home base. Who are these nationalities to come say where we have to go and what we have to do in our own homelands? We never went to their country and tell them what they can and cannot do," said Beltran.

While the city and Mokule'ia residents say this is the answer to safety hazards at the park, one question remains.

"Where can we go? Where can we go?" asked Andrew Luna, a former Mokuleia park resident.

A spokesperson for the city says several homeless shelters have agreed to take in some of the people staying at Mokuleia park, including the Institute for Human Services, the Waikiki Health Center, and the Ohana Family of the Living God.