Leeward Oahu residents say PVT landfill causes sickness

LEEWARD OAHU (KHNL) - Respiratory problems.

Bad cases of rash.

And sickness.

Those are just some of the complaints from people living near a leeward Oahu landfill.

They are demanding answers and say something needs to be done.

These Nanakuli residents say this landfill is causing them severe health problems.

"I get asthma because of it. It depends on where I go but mostly in Nanakuli my asthma starts acting up because of the landfill," said resident Hokulani Matutio.

"I go around with my grandpa a lot and whenever, cause we go to church, whenever we are in church he don't cough that much," said resident Driana Nuuanu. "But if we are at home and the windows are open he just tends to cough fluently."

The PVT Land Company Landfill is licensed to accept construction and demolition waste.

That includes materials containing asbestos and contaminated soil.

"Sometimes its so bad you can't like see the homes," said resident Larry Holstein.

"I think it could be a number of factors you know it is a construction and demolition landfill so who knows what is actually causing it could be a series or combination of different debris," said Rep. Karen Awana.

That's what lawmakers want to find out.

What are these trucks dumping here.

How much.

And what's being done to protect residents.

"PVT was suppose to put a green belt, trees, screens that would prevent the dust from going over and apparently they have not done so," said resident Mel Kahele.

Lawmakers say they were told those plans are delayed because the company is waiting on permits from the City.

And they've been assured that the company is taking steps to ensure the public's safety.

A group of lawmakers took an unannounced tour of the facility.

One representative said he was pleased with some of the preventative measures being taken.

And hopes communication between the landfill and the public will be more open.

The State Health Department says the landfill has committed no violations.