Hawaii best amateur golfers compete in Manoa Cup

Alex Ching
Alex Ching
Brandan Kop
Brandan Kop

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - In the state of Hawaii, there's no other golf tournament like the Manoa Cup.

And this year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the tournament, a competition which is both mentally and physically grueling for the participants.

Six rounds of golf in six days.  It's a grueling task, but that's exactly what over a hundred of Hawaii's best amateur golfers hope to do this week.

"It's a really tough match, so you just want to go out there and play your game and try stay mentally fit you know, because I'm physically fit," said Alex Ching, an amateur golfer.

Not all the golfer's have Ching's youth on their side at the 100th Annual Manoa Cup though.

Four-time winner Brandan Kop is looking for number five but knows the task isn't getting easier.

"This is the most prestigious tournament for the amateurs, everybody wants to win this thing and it runs the whole week if you keep on winning , but now they're getting younger and better, so it's getting tougher," said Kop.

One thing that never changes is the tradition of the tournament, one reason why it's so special.

"They play at the same course 100 years and the format is unique, match play tournament and this is the only individual match play tournament we have," said Kop.

The results from Monday's qualifying round takes the top 63 golfers who, along with last year's champion go head to head in a one and done tournament.

"Lot of luck involved and yet you have to be skillful and the physical demand, it's the only tournament you have to walk after qualifying, so to win it you have to play a lot of good matches and be in shape," said Kop.