Mokule'ia Beach to ban overnight stays

Andrew Luna
Andrew Luna
Faustino Sobreano Jr
Faustino Sobreano Jr

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

NORTH SHORE-- (KHNL) Slowly, Hawaii's beach parks are being cleaned up and cleared out for public use. But this effort is also displacing families with no where else to go.

Tomorrow, about 50 people who live at Mokule'ia Beach Park on Oahu's North Shore will be forced out.

From 7am to 7pm, Mokule'ia Beach Park will be closed and for families that have lived in the area for years, that means it's time to pack up.

Striking down. Packing up. For the families of Mokule'ia Beach Park. It's moving day.

" We don't know where we're going we don't know where we're going to do, wait for them to come in and remove us I guess," said Andrew Luna.

Two-year-old Nanaka or knick-knacks, the Sobreanos are being forced out and they're heated.

"I'm human, I pay my taxes like everyone else so does he, over there, same with the other people down at the end. I didn't want to come out here but it's our last resort," said Faustino Sobreano Jr.

The North Shore Neighborhood Board recommended to close the park after dark, following heavy community input and the City agreed. Without water or lighting, it was deemed unsafe for overnight usage.

"I think the people staying down there are really nice people. Whenever you have public parks and they get occupied on a public basis there's a lot of people who aren't clear that that's not the best use," said Bob Leinau.

Inside a tent is where one member of the Sobreano family sleeps, it may not be a house but to them it's a home. Those living here say doing nothing to help will soon rope in some bigger problems.

"One of you might be here in five to ten years or your family might be here. It's the whole island affected by it and it's all because of election, usually every election year this is when they do this," said Andrew Luna.

"We're still going to fight them," said Faustino Sobreano Jr.

For now, the cleanup continues. The city says park residents have been given many opportunities to leave and offered other living alternatives, to help transition into other homes. But they say they feel they're still being left to hang out to dry.

While the grounds will be closed at night, officials say Mokule'ia's shoreline will still be accessible to night fishers.