Shark video attracts attention around the world

Brigitte De Peralta
Brigitte De Peralta

By Mari-Ela David bio | email

KANEOHE (KHNL) - A day after KHNL News 8 first showed the dramatic images, the amazing video of the sharks gains world-wide attention. The woman who recorded the incredible encounter tells us she's been flooded with calls, asking her to appear on national television to tell her story.

What's attracting all the attention is just how close the sharks got to a group of men, and not one of the sharks attacked. Plus, none of the people in the water, ran off in a panic.

It was a close encounter that left Brigitte De Peralta terrified as seven to eight sharks approached her husband and his friends. But once the sharks calmly swam away, Brigitte says the fear factor wore off, and fascination started to sink in.

"It's exciting. I didn't realize how neat that footage is, to see shark fins that big but I'm so glad that the sharks left and we're safe, and nothing happened," she said.

The big question? Why didn't anyone rush to get out of the water? Brigitte's husband says they were near even more shallow water than what you see in the video. So if the sharks attacked, he says they were only a few steps away from an area where it was shallow enough for the sharks to get stuck. And while they don't deny the danger they confronted, Brigitte admits the experience was a thrill.

"The idea of finally seeing sharks in Hawaii. If I ever seen one, it'd go by so fast and there's no camera. This time, I finally had a camera to finally get it, to say we saw it and to see so many sharks at once, the big one first and then all the little ones that was really neat to see," De Peralta said.

So neat, Brigitte says her footage is getting the spotlight on a national and international level, with networks urging her to share her story, one that she says is still hard to believe.

The largest shark was between seven to nine feet long, and was surrounded by smaller ones. Brigitte says the school may have been a mommy shark swimming with her kids.