Shark video makes national headlines

Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan
Zack Stephens
Zack Stephens

By Walter Makaula - bio | email

KANEOHE (KHNL) - From the waters of Kaneohe bay to television sets and computer screens across the country, dramatic video you saw first on KHNL News 8, is making headlines across America.

The top concern for viewers is safety.

At a quick glance of the video, two different men come to two different conclusions.

"They are certainly hammerhead sharks, " said Marine Biologist Kim Holland.

But the Captain of the 'Coral Queen' who's patrolled these waters for the past 17 years had a different opinion.

"Those don't look like hammerhead sharks," said Mike Nolan.

Holland said shark encounters like this one is common.

"Every summer, there may be ten thousand pups given birth to in Kaneohe bay," he added.

But Nolan has been out on the water everyday for years. He said this is a rare sight.

"I've been out here on and off for about 20 years, " he said. "I've never seen something like this before."

Zack Stephens of Manoa toured the bay and the sandbar with his two year old daughter.

"Wow!" was the first word out of his mouth as he watched the video clip.

"I definitely would've made sure we got out of there as soon as possible."

Whether you take your advice from the marine biologist, or the boat captain, Stephen's said one thing is for sure.

"We want to get out of the water when we see sharks yeah?"