A different look at the human body

Director of Education Cheryl Mure
Director of Education Cheryl Mure

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's a unique way to look at the human body from the inside out. An exhibition of human cadavers opens tomorrow at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

It's called "Bodies. The Exhibition." The purpose is not to frighten visitors but to educate them. The cadavers are leased from a number of medical university laboratories in China.

At first glance, these cadavers look like some sort of wax models. But every bone, vein and muscle is real. The bodies go through what is called a polymer preservation process.

"That means that all the body fluid is removed from the body and replaced with a silicone rubber," said Director of Education Cheryl Mure.

Nine different rooms display various systems of the body after they've been preserved and dissected.

"You're basically taking a journey through your own body and studying yourself from the inside out," said Mure.

The exhibit offers everything from a look at how smoking can affect our lungs, the aftermath of a hip replacement, and there's even an opportunity for visitors to touch some of the body parts. Cheryl Mure is the Director of Education for the exhibit and hopes visitors will leave with a better understanding of their bodies.

"It's not a model, it's not a two-dimensional photo in a text book, it's the real human body. The main mission of "Bodies...The Exhibition" is to educate you, to inspire you to take better care of your body," said Mure.

"Seeing these bodies and just like seeing them actually done in a process which contributes to science in such a way. It's a unique experience to say the least," said Visitor Davin Aoyagi.

Some of the displays might look scary but they also hold a certain beauty.

"The way they're presented, it's so dramatic, it looks like art," said Mure.

It's an eye-popping lesson on what's beneath our skin, how it all comes together, and what makes it work.

The bodies exhibit, runs until the end of the year and even has a gift shop.