Teachers use island environment as educational curriculum

Matthew Limtiaco
Matthew Limtiaco

COCONUT ISLAND (KHNL) - Moku O Lo'e also known as Coconut Island turned into a classroom Thursday.

Fourth, fifth and seventh grade teachers are voyaging into educational change.

Teachers learned how to use Hawaiian culture and our island environment as a new curriculum for math, science and language.

The workshop provided teachers with an opportunity to put the lessons to work.

"That's a lot of what aloha aina and navigating change do they give you the tools to see where there is a balance and where there is an imbalance and on top of that gives you some tools on how to create that balance and bring people together to create change," said curriculum coordinator Matthew limtiaco.

The teachers believe hands on learning is the best way for students to grasp the concepts of math, science and language while at the same time creating stewardship for our land and sea.