Call them "video idios", short for idiots. You know, those people who think putting anything on the internet for voyeurs to peruse makes them cool, accepted, clever, or worthwhile. Not only are there cruel videos posted on a daily basis for public amusement, but locally and elsewhere, we have kids starting fights so that their technologically capable cohorts can videotape the proceedings and quickly post them on-line. Cool, yeh?

What a way to show your machismo or a sure fire way to show that you are hip. And here's the kicker, pardon the pun. Parent and other adults are sometimes bystanders or help to encourage the activities. Bullying is bad enough as a traumatic rite of childhood for some. But to have some of these incidents posted for the free world to view, that's criminal.

Cyberbullying laws might help curtail this activity, but for the time being, strict enforcement of sanctions might keep some kids and adults from enjoying this perverse form of recreation. Hey parents-without-a-clue, stop the madness. Even you can learn at this point in your life and hopefully be a better role model. Hey kids, resolve your conflicts without resorting to violence. You know what- that's cool. Think about it...