Council Circus

The Honolulu City Council has been in the news of late and, as is often the case, it's not for doing anything positive. After an, ignorant, deep-seated, or naïve slur was uttered last week by councilman Rod Tam, his cohorts started posturing on how he really feels about the subject and whether or not he should be removed from his post atop the powerful Council Zoning Committee. Oh boy, yet another powerful committee chairman in a power squabble.

Good grief, the internal politics, seat-changing, self-preservation, positioning, and power-mongering that goes on amongst the bickering Council members is just one more annoying and accepted part of that political circus. To suggest that Tam should be sanctioned beyond a meaningless rebuke might just be an indication that we take such incidents seriously amongst our elected officials, just like we do when they occur in the private sector.

Is it really asking too much of our elected officials to know right from wrong, to speak and act appropriately? Can naiveté, ignorance, and political positioning really be OK for adults who are (quote) "...responsible for serving and advancing the general welfare, health, happiness, and safety of the people..." (unquote) as it states on the City Council's own website? It's a three-ring circus at City Hall, the show goes on annually, and the public seems entertained and accepting. Think about it...