Raycom Media CEO discusses big switch on Capitol Hill

Paul McTear
Paul McTear

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KHNL) -- Making the transition to digital TV. Eight witnesses testified about the digital transition before the house subcommittee on telecommunications in our nations capitol.

Witnesses include Paul McTear, President and CEO of our parent company Raycom Media, which owns and operates more than 40 television stations across the country.

McTear told the committee how Raycom is working with cable companies to help get the word out about the big switch.

He told lawmakers and broadcasters what the switch to digital will mean for viewers..

"We are also working intently with cable and satellite operators, equipment operators, local government local civic groups, and other groups especially well suited to outreach to an at risk population," said McTear.  "Like the elderly rural viewers, seasonal residents and minorities. The result will be the greatest breakthrough in television since the introduction of color.  Crystal clear picture, vastly improved sound and the opportunity for more services."

KHNL NBC 8 will make the "big switch" to digital on February 17th, 2009.