Combine Showcases Hawaii Talent

Doris Sullivan
Doris Sullivan

HONOLULU (KHNL)-- For the past seven years, the Pacific Island Athletic Alliance holds a combine for high school football players to get performance material on tape. And though it's a successful endeavor thus far, it never could be possible without the people who care.

For most of these Island football players, playing in college is the goal. but, getting their name out there isn't easy, a problem the PIAA is ready to tackle.

"The number of kids being recruited wasn't high enough, there's a lot of talent in Hawaii and not enough kids going on to play football," said Doris Sullivan, Director of PIAA

The solution -- hold a combine for the players to strut their stuff.

"The purpose of the combine is to help secure scholarships for the local boys, it's to get their video out there," said Sullivan.

However, since PIAA is a non profit organization, they rely primarily on donations from the community to help run their event.

"It costs money to run this, the phone bill every month, just the little things that add up, believe me we don't need a lot of money, we just need enough to exist," explained Sullivan.

This year's combine almost didn't happen due to lack of funding, but thanks to a former Kamehameha and UH Warrior, he cut a check for the difference.

"It's a beautiful thing and i wanted to be part of it, i wanted to help and this is a tangible way in making sure they had everything they needed to put this thing on," said Leo Goeas.

And in the future, Leo hopes another athlete will do the same.

"I know when you sow into other people's lives like other people have sown into mine, it's all about giving back," said Goeas.

The NCAA recently says coaches can't come to combines off their own campuses, but Sullivan says they're looking to get an exception and hope to have another 40-50 coaches back next year.

The combines have helped over 800 students receive more than 10 million dollars in scholarships and grants.