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Bikers Seek Better Accessibility

Rae Bastoni Rae Bastoni
Glenn Gamponia Glenn Gamponia
Chris Blumenstetter Chris Blumenstetter

By Zahid Arab

KALIHI-- (KHNL) High gas prices are fueling other options for people to get around, with bikes as a popular alternative.

But are our roads ready for the influx of new riders?

Cyclists say they're concerned for their safety.

Rae Bastoni cycles about six miles a day, she says spinning her spokes safely is now a struggle.

"Pretty tricky you got to ride with the traffic always and avoid getting hit," said Rae Bastoni.

"The trend has gone from us only seeing the dedicated cyclists to the average joe and everything in between," said Glenn Gamponia.

Other than having more inexperienced cyclists in the mix, veterans say the problem are the roads. They say the key to getting a handle on the situation is to improve them.

"A lot of these older neighborhoods don't even have sidewalks to walk down. To be able to widen these roads, repair them so there's no more potholes, get people to feel safe when they're riding and walking to work," said Chris Blumenstetter.

"Ensuring more bike lanes ensures the safety of the city too. It ensures the safety of cars they don't have to worry about hitting the biker, it ensures the safety of bikers, they don't have to worry about getting hit," said Rae Bastoni.

In 2006, Honolulu voters made making the city bike accessibility a priority. Just this week, the city approved a million dollars to go towards specific improvements and updating the bicycle master plan.

For bikers like Rae that means kicking off much needed changes, leading to some smoother cycling.

The city says that while it doesn't have a target date for it's changes to kick into gear, they say biker accessibility is a priority.

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