Electronic Junk

Sony Hawaii recently unveiled plans to help people recycle their old, unwanted Sony electronic items. At selected recycling centers, Sony will pick up the tab when consumers drop off their old gear. The program is not yet in place on Oahu, but it is in operation on the Big Island. With all of the new cameras, TV sets, computers and other equipment that are on consumers "must have" list, this idea is a great one, as there is some environmentally damaging stuff in much of what we might plan to simply toss out.

And speaking of recycling, the CFL boxes you can get when you buy the new energy- and money-saving bulbs are large and cumbersome. Do people really wanna store these empty boxes somewhere until their CFL bulbs burn out in four to seven years? The boxes are $20 each, which includes shipping and handling. and can hold 6-8 burned out CFL bulbs, but that price and storage issue might cause casual environmentalists to think twice before purchasing compact fluorescent  lamps.

Make no mistake about it, simply dumping a CFL in the garbage is a bad and lazy choice, as the elemental mercury ends up in a landfill, and in the soil. Nonchalantly dumping any old electronic equipment in the garbage is a bad idea, but more needs to be done, like Sony is doing, to make it easy for consumers to act on recycling options. It's really not asking too much for more ideas such as this as everyone becomes a little more green-savvy now, is it? Think about it...