Aiea Preschool Closes

Julie Nakayama
Julie Nakayama

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Parents unexpectedly learned their kids preschool is closing down.

"The saddest thing is to explain to my son how the teachers that he's learned to love and the facility that he loves, he doesn't have anymore, " said Julie Nakayama.

Her son, along with more than one hundred-thirty other kids at St. Timothy's Children Center in Aiea will have to find a new to learn.

The parents were called to the school campus tuesday night for a special meeting. They were told the school after 30 years of being opened would shut down on June 30th.

KHNL News 8 called the school numerous times. Although it will be shutting its doors, the school's answering machine still leaves recruitment instructions.

The recording says, "If you would like an application form and brochure please press two."

KHNL News 8 showed up at the school office.

Diane Lim, the school's director answered the door.

"You can talk to our attorney," she said.

When we asked what their attorney's name was, she replied, "I'll have him contact you."

But a call never came.

A fax from the school did. In a statement, St. Timothy's writes, ""After much deliberation, the board of directors has decided... to close the school... for long overdue renovations."

It went on to say, the construction wouldn't make it safe for the children. Now parents are left scrambling for a new school, and time is running out.

"I 'm just going around to schools and calling them and if they have openings, I'm running down and getting applications," said Nakayama.

With all of the school's students competing for few openings, getting one will be tough.

The last lesson from the school is not for the kids, but for parents like Joey Otani.

"Watch out for your kids, you're the only ones that can really watch out for them, " she said. "There are people that should be watching out for them that are not taking care of them."