Make Dad Work for His Food on Father's Day

Patrick Dolan
Patrick Dolan

AIEA (KHNL) -- Running low on new ideas of what to eat on Fathers Day? Instead of the old steak, make your Dad work for his food. June is the peak time of year to get the largest variety of crab in the islands. With Fathers Day just around the corner, order up a hands on activity.

"Nobody can hurry you on fathers day when your eating crab and ribs, there is no hurrying when your eating crab you know you've gotta get through the shell, you gotta have time for your crab." Said Patrick Dolan of Dixie Grill.

This year Alaska King Crab had a great season. That's why this restaurant in Aiea started Crab Fest. "The snow crab, the king crab, the soft shell crab, the blue crab for the crab cakes." Dolan says, "It's the kick off to summer, it's the kick off to outdoor barbeque grilling and being outside and getting with the family and tearing into some crab and just having a good time."

At Tamashiro Market, there are still plenty of lobsters, but the blue crab is almost sold out awaiting today's fresh shipment. During Crab Fest, Patrick says, they'll sell over 3,000 pounds of crab.

"About 100 pounds of crab a day on average and probably more than that." Dolan said.

So instead of thinking outside the box, customers are thinking inside the shell. Crab fest runs through june 30th.