Dog Killed in Hit & Run, Pet Owners Want Stiffer Penalties

Isaiah Chong
Isaiah Chong
Lasya Doney
Lasya Doney

EWA BEACH (KHNL) -- An Ewa Beach family is mourning the death of a pet dog involved in a hit-and-run crash Wednesday.

A boy, whose cat was injured in a hit-and-run earlier this week, is calling for stiff penalties for drivers who flee the scene.

We were on our way to interview the 7th grader about his proposal, when we came across an injured dog in the middle of Fort Weaver Road.

A dog lies in the middle of the road, struggling after being hit by a vehicle. A Good Samaritan rushes over to help, but it's too late.

"I think he just actually took his last breath," Lasya Doney, Ewa Beach resident, said.

Doney carries the mixed breed into the shade. She discovers his name is Chew Chew, and his owner lives nearby.

"Hi, this is Honolulu Police Department," an officer said on the phone. "Do you have a dog named Chew Chew?"

Doney, a pet owner herself, says she can't believe the driver responsible didn't pull over.

"The dog was still breathing a little bit," she said. "And it's so sad because if someone's going to hit an animal, they should definitely stop because this is someone's family member."

A few miles away, Ryan the cat continues his recovery.

"His face is banged up. There may be some head trauma," Isaiah Chong, Ryan's owner, said.

The 12-year-old Chong says a car struck the American Shorthair and kept going Monday.

"They hit him. They ran," he said. "That is wrong. Straight forward wrong."

The aspiring veterinarian wants state lawmakers to consider a bill that would create stiff penalties for drivers who fail to render aid to injured animals.

"Give people that hit pets and run from the scene the same punishments as what would happen if they was to hit a human being and run," he said.

Back on Fort Weaver Road, Chew Chew's owner arrives.

"I just tried to give him loving voice," Doney told her.

The devastated woman wraps him in a towel and carries him away.

"Some of us treat our animals like they are our ohana," Doney said. "It makes me ask if I had gotten here, you know, a minute faster, would it have made a difference."

A person could receive a citation under an existing law that covers fleeing the scene of a crash involving property. Chong hopes the representative from his district will introduce a more specific measure in January.