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Clinton Will Endorse Obama

Sen. Hillary Clinton Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. Barack Obama Sen. Barack Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton is expressing support for Democratic rival Barack Obama and calling on Democrats to unite against Republican John McCain but has not yet decided whether to end her historic presidential campaign, an adviser says.

Clinton agreed to back Obama during a lengthy telephone call Wednesday with impatient House Democrats who urged her to end the division between the Obama and Clinton camps, said the senior campaign adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity because the candidate has not authorized public discussion of the private conference call with supporters.

Clinton and her advisers are not describing the show of support as a formal endorsement, and the adviser said it was still unclear whether Clinton will take the final logical step and formally end or suspend her campaign.

The adviser said Clinton will congratulate Obama for having gathered enough delegates to clinch the nomination, a step she had planned to take Tuesday night but instead delayed. The statement of support was expected Thursday or Friday.

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